Saturday, April 27, 2013

5 radical right wing Iowa GOP state reps want to slash judicial salaries based on four-year-old unanimous Supreme Court marriage equality ruling they don't like

Apparently the contempt for the rule of law and of Iowa's judicial system held by Iowa Republican state representatives (left to right, above) Tom Shaw, Dwayne Alons, Larry Sheets, Greg Heartsill and Ted Gassman is so overwhelming that they're willing to play games at taxpayer expense to usurp the authority of Iowa's judiciary by attempting to monetarily punish judges who don't rule the way they and their fellow GOP reactionaries want it to. Comments to all five of the above perps can be left via the Iowa House of Representatives switchboard at 515.281.3221. Try to be civil.
     The lawmakers want to reduce by 80% the salaries of those justices still on the bench of the Iowa Supreme court who ruled in Iowa's unanimous 2009 decision on marriage equality, which found that denying civil marriage licenses to same sex couples violated the equal protection provisions in Iowa's constitution.
     This stunt, an amendment (H-1327, below) to Senate File 442, is too laughable to even begin to withstand a court challenge, but evidently no waste of taxpayer time and money in the service of extreme ideology is too petty an endeavor for the nutcase contingent of Iowa's GOP.

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