Saturday, March 2, 2013

Omaha GOP mayoral candidate Jean Stothert evidently using anti-gay activist in her campaign ads

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Looks like Jean Stothert just sneaked a homophobic dog whistle into her new TV ad by casting (without identifying him) one of Omaha's most dedicated antigay activists.
     But maybe we're being hypercritical! Maybe it's common for likeminded heterosexual supremacists from Nigeria to just wander in off the street to whatever salt-of-the-earth cafĂ© Jean Stothert happens to be using as a campaign commercial backdrop at that very moment!
     (Know the name of the restaurant in the ad? Leave us a comment.) We already know that Wheatfields in the Old Market has obnoxiously been turning its customers into involuntary Stothert boosters — the evidence is here.
    Anyway, see for yourself if that isn't William Femi Awodele at the five-second mark in Jean Stothert's new TV spot by comparing Stothert's ad (uploaded to YouTube by Nebraska Watchdog) to AKSARBENT's video (below) of Awodele testifying last spring before the Omaha City Council.

Awodele testified against Ben Gray's equal employment ordinance, which passed anyway, and now he is trying to repeal it.
     At last spring's hearing, Awodele, who isn't a lawyer but who is a board member of the Nebraska Family Council, argued before the city council that gay people don't fit the legal definition of a minority — despite the fact that they have employment protection in about 170 US cities.
     Awodele also cited a study by the University of Nebraska Medical Center as evidence that gays have too much money to be considered a legitimate minority, which echoes remarks Jean Stothert made herself (see bottom video) before she voted against equal employment rights for gay Omahans last year.

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  1. Commercial shot at Louie M's on Vinton in South O. Shame...used to like to eat breakfast there. No more.

  2. Wheatfields is off limits now, too. Go there and you'll be served coffee in a "vote for Stothert" mug!

  3. Nothing but strawman, ad hominem, and red herring fallacies here. The fact that homosexuals in Omaha are well-employed, well-educated, and participating members in the city's culture--commensurate with their proportion in the population--clearly demonstrates that the amount of discrimination is negligible, if any. What is telling here, though, is the high degree of prejudice evident on this blog directed against religious persons and others, who for reasons of moral, social, personal, economic, or other concerns, oppose such an ordinance which grants extra protections to a particular group to the disadvantage of others. Liberal motto: "TOLERANCE FOR ME, NOT FOR THEE!!"

    1. Granting the protected status to LGBTs that Christers already enjoy "disadvantages" them? Go to your room.

  4. I wonder why Femi Awodele isn't living in Nigeria preaching his hate filled "christian" beliefs. Why did he come to America? To take advantage of all our programs to keep his family afloat until he was able to create a plan to scam money off of his "congregation". Don't they need his kind over in Nigeria? I cannot take seriously any pastor or preacher who uses scripture in a cherry picking manner to hate upon another group of people. Jesus didn't do that. You will never find anywhere in the 4 gospels where Jesus hated upon another group. In fact, he used the underdog at his time as heroes of his parable. Think of the story of the Good Samaritan. In Jesus' time, Samaritans were looked down upon just like the gay people are today. I believe if Jesus was re-telling that parable today, he would use the gay person as the empathetic, sympathetic hero of the story. There are no "extra protections" for gay people. It is to be equal rights to ALL. So when idiots speak of "extra protections to a particular group" it only goes to show their own ignorance. In the end, these people get schooled! How many televangelists, pastors and preachers have we seen get caught violating their own beliefs. Just sit back and wait... you'll see their fall!