Monday, February 4, 2013

Who's dumber? Fake Mean Jean dodges bullet in NE Lt. Gov. sex scandal; real Stothert tries to tap opponent for contribution; Wheatfields turns patrons into antigay candidate boosters whether they like it or not

Fake Jean Stothert was clever enough not to arrange trysts with Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy on his state-issued cell phone and to let Gov. Heineman watch, so as to destroy the plausible deniability he thinks people are now buying in respect of his supposed lack of knowledge of Sheehy's multiple affairs and misuse of state property even though Nebraska Democrats were buzzing about all this last summer and KETV has been investigating this for months, sending the state a request for phone records in November.

     Real Jean Stothert just sent GOP mayoral candidate Dan Welch (that would be her opponent) a fund raising appeal. Oh hell, let's be nice. Maybe the administration of her campaign to run Omaha isn't really that stupid. Maybe she's just trying to help out the US Postal Service with its deficit.
     Leavenworth St. noticed this latest example of Stothert's ineptitude and we have to credit them for that, as well as for the most shameless GOP spin we saw this week — a dismissal of Sheehy's jaw-dropping behavior so cavalier than even the Gov. and Lt. Gov. didn't go there:
Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy has resigned — reportedly because of, basically, an affair. (Used a state phone, but so what.)
     Umm... four affairs... Umm... misused state phone 2,300+ times for more than 28,000 minutes.

     Meanwhile one of our spies, who is an impeccable source and actually owns a journalism degree that has her name on it, informed AKSARBENT of this:
Speaking of Mean Jean — one of her supporters is Ron Popp, formerly of the Garden Cafe, now of Wheatfields. Not that big a shock, as I suspect most of the restaurant owners who tried to get rid of the restaurant tax are supporting anyone who is not Suttle. How big a supporter, you ask? Well... one Sunday morning ***** and I went to breakfast at the Wheatfields in the Old Market. Probably just after the new year. Hot tea and coffee came in brand new glass Wheatfields mugs. One side was emblazoned with the Wheatfields logo, while the other side had a big old Jean Strothert for Mayor logo. So everyone with a hot drink was advertising Mean Jean for mayor. I only regret not taking a picture to send you.
We end our coverage of Councilwoman and mayoral aspirant Jean Stothert, as always, with her tough love lecture of gay constituents just before she voted to ensure that gay Omahans would have no legal recourse here when jerked around because of their sexual orientation by local 'phobes.

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