Sunday, March 31, 2013

Iowa's WHO hate radio: Bradlee Dean blames Elton John for trouble at Dunkerton school; host Mickelson calls educators hosting LGBTQ antibullying confab "varmits"

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Here's the podcast of Mickelson's Friday show. Sixteen Iowa GOP legislators are running interference for him by threatening to financially destroy a Des Moines community college.
The Iowa GOP has a plan to defend WHO Radio's house bully,
Jan Mickelson, from gay schoolkids being taught how to
kick back at radio homophobes: financially destroy the
school that sponsored the seminar that taught them how!
WHO is a 50,000-watt nondirectional AM station whose signal
reaches most of the continental U.S. at night. During the day, its
transmitter power and Iowa's flat land allows it to be heard
in almost all of Iowa, as well as parts of Minnesota, Illinois,
Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, and Wisconsin.
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     Mickelson is so sleazy that he called gay and straight Iowa educators supporting Safe Schools' LGBTQ antibullying conference "varmits" within the context of paraphrasing DMAAC student Jake Dagel — as if the slur were Dagel's, not Mickelson's, although, to be fair, Dagel, who wants to work for the Iowa Family Leader and got 16 state legislators to attempt to blackmail DMAAC by threatening to pull $25 million in state funding if it continues to host the conference, may not be particularly offended by the offensive word Mickelson put in his mouth.
     Below is part of what Mickelson said on the air Friday:
Jan Mickelson: Speaking of public arenas and being indoctrinated, there is a youth conference that the Iowa Safe Schools and a gay lobby that has put on and they're calling it the governor's conference. It is not the governor's conference, but they have borrowed it because previous governors have lent their name to it. The Annual Iowa Governor's Conference on LGBTQ Youth, and one of the students [Jack Dagel, represented by Alliance Defending Freedom] at a local community college said "Hey, fine, go and do your thing but you're using some of my money, using tax dollars and not only using tax dollars,  using tax dollars to beat up on my faith, cause there's a seminar that attacks Christianity" and so this one, he says "Hey, you're not going to do this" — filed a Freedom of Information Act, and he's resisting this. We're gonna talk with him in just a few minutes but he's doing exactly what you're doing, Bradlee Dean, he said, "Hey, you're not going to do this to me, you're not going to do this to my money. I'm going to stand up to these varmits. This isn't diversity, this is an abuse of the tax dollars. It's an abuse of the name of the governors conference and you're not going to do this with my permission. Go do this on your own time with your own stinkin' money, thank you very much."
Bradlee Dean: That's right. Can I give you the quote by Elton John, Jan, as to why we got in trouble in Dunkerton Iowa?
Jan Mickelson: What?
Bradlee Dean: Well this is what was shared with the students in the student body that day and Jake was simply talking about the issue. Is this a good standard to live by? He was talking about musicians. And he brought up the quote by Elton John, and it said this, Elton John said this, he said:

I crave to be loved. There's nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. We should be free with sex. We should draw the line at goats.
The homosexual community's attacked us for reciting what Elton John said. And they called us bullies and bigots for simply reciting him. We didn't say it. He said it.
Jan Mickelson: They [gays]were upset because you were drawing a line at goats? [Obviously what's left of Mickelson's mind must tend to wander during interviews, since it was Elton John who allegedly said that.]
Bradlee Dean: That's exactly what they were angry about, but of course it comes out as being a hater or a bigot or whatever else they can contrive in their minds. But people need to realize that this is totalitarianism. They love to smack your face, pull your hair, and then they cry victim.
Jan Mickelson: ...This culture belongs to the people who built it... I want our money back and I want to defund every one of the institutions that have been captured by evil... Kick some butt and take names, Bradlee.
Because, you see, in the nasty, delusional little world of WHO radio's Jan Mickelson, gay people didn't build up Western Culture by producing West Side Story, or A Street Car Named Desire, or Moby Dick, or My Antonia, or In Cold Blood or Leaves of Grass or by painting the Sistine Chapel or sculpting Michelangelo or designing the Enigma computer that cracked Nazi codes, etc., etc., etc.
     In Jan Mickelson's world, Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed slept in the same bed for four years and absolutely nothing ever happened. Because only crudely bigoted, Christian, heterosexual supremacists like himself — only more talented — ever contributed anything lasting to America's political or artistic "culture."

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  1. Thanks for sharing these scary radio quotes.

    Fortunately, on the fundamental public policy issues, the anti-LGBT activists' have lost the battle in Iowa. More on that here:
    None of this is to say that the anti-LGBT activists and politicians aren't dangerous. It's just to say that they are clearly out of step with mainstream Iowa, which hopefully dampens their influence. The LGBTQ conference, in contrast, is largely aimed at making Iowa's unambiguous and LGBT-inclusive public-policy aspirations a reality. Mike (