Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Family Research Council affiliate may sue Lincoln City Council to put gay rights ordinance on ballot

Tony Perkins, left, of the Family Research Council and Dave
Bydalek, of Nebraska's Family First, which describes itself as
"associated" with SPLA-designated hate group, the Family
Research Council, as well as Focus on the Family, and the
Alliance Defense Fund, which now calls itself the Alliance
Defending Freedom.
ALSO: Omaha mayoral candidate "Mean Jean" Stothert slips antigay activist into her new TV ads without identifying him by name

Last spring, after the Lincoln, Nebraska City Council passed a gay rights addition to the city's nondiscrimination ordinance, the Nebraska Family Council and Family First gathered 10,000 signatures to nullify the ordinance.
     Now David Bydalek of Family First Nebraska, an affiliate of the Family Research Council, and Al Riskowki, of the Nebraska Family Council, want the issue on the ballot and are considering seeking a writ of mandamus that would force city officials to perform what they consider the city's statutory duty, although city statutes don’t say how soon a referendum election must be held after signatures are verified.

     “It’s clear that they believe they have as much time as they want to do what the charter clearly says they have to do,” Bydalek said. “They really have no legal basis or no real reason for putting it off. They clearly don’t plan on doing what the charter compels them to do.”

Below: at last spring's contentious hearing over the ordinance, Father Kubat from the Lincoln Diocese tells the Council a little white lie which, in the Catholic religion, is just a venial, not mortal sin.
     (AKSARBENT inserted a quote into the video taken from a Lincoln Journal Star article which busted him)

     Kubat is followed by a harrowing account from Brad Chapin of Omaha PFLAG of his battle to keep kids terrorized by Kubat's church from offing themselves.

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  1. whata' expect from a Hate state? A state Id Never spend a penny in-let alone visit, Pathetic.....JRC SNJ