Thursday, February 28, 2013

These 18 GOP Iowa state senators just cosponsored another constitutional amendment to kill marriage equality, civil unions and domestic partnerships

To read county names, click map to enlarge.

They know that Mike Gronstal and Senate Democrats will again block their effort to make gay couples strangers to the law.
     They know they're just wasting more of the Iowa legislature's time and your money.
     No matter.
     Even if it means tilting at windmills, they want those of you who are gay or who have gay friends or relatives, to know that they still want to strip all Iowa gay couples of every right that could possibly be extended via marriage equality or civil unions or domestic partnerships.
     This year, the ringleader is Dennis Guth, a official of the Iowa Family Leader (yeah, Bob Vander Plaats' gang).
     If any of these individuals purports to represent you (see district map above), why not send him or her or it an email at the address below with the subject line Marriage Equality? You can call them at the statehouse at (515)281-3371, too.
     Here is what to say, suggests OneIowa: (Remember, OneIowa's url is — was purchased by an anti-gay rights group.)

Call your Senators

The Senate switchboard phone number is 515-281-3371. Call today or tomorrow between 9 am and 3 pm, and remember, Senators are out on Fridays! Click here to find your Senator. Or, if you prefer to email your legislator, click here.
When you call, ask if your Senator was one of the 18 who signed onto the marriage ban. Here's a few talking points to get you started:

  • The introduction of SJR5 is political grandstanding and is shameful. Our families deserve better than to be used by a few Senators as political pawns.
  • We don't support the passage of any marriage ban. Our legislators should be focusing on creating jobs, strengthening our economy, and making our schools better, not spending time passing legislation that hurts families.
  • If your Senator didn't support SJR5: Thank you for representing ALL Iowa families. {SHARE YOUR STORY}
  • If your Senator did support SJR5: Ask them to remember that a majority of Iowans do not support the legislature taking action on this. Remind them that LGBT people are our coworkers, our friends, our family members, our spouses. Share your story and ask them to focus on the issues that matter to Iowans: jobs, the economy, and education.

Row 1:
Dennis Guth (Dist. 4)
Mark Segebart (Dist. 6)
Jake Chapman (Dist. 10)
Amy Sinclair (Dist. 14)
Row 2:

Bill Anderson (Dist. 3)
Mark Chelgren (Dist. 41)
Jack Whitver (Dist. 19)
Nancy Boettger (Dist. 9)

Row 3:
David Johnson (Dist. 1)
Jerry Behn (Dist. 24)
Ken Rozenboom (Dist. 40)
Randy Feenstra (Dist. 2)
Row 4:

Kent Sorenson (Dist. 13)
Roby Smith (Dist. 47)
Rick Bertrand (Dist. 7)
Joni Ernst (Dist. 12)
Row 5:

Sandra Greiner (Dist. 39)
Hubert Houser (Dist. 11)

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