Thursday, December 27, 2012

Israel First lobby now worried that Chuck Hagel would treat the Jewish state 'just like anyone else'

If you ever doubted the sense of entitlement that AIPAC, Israel, and its supporters have in respect of meddling in US policy to effect preferential treatment of an "ally" which did not send troops to fight with those of this country in either Gulf War I or Vietnam even though dozens of other countries (from Spain to Poland) did, then you need read no further than the brazen quote below from an undisclosed "Jewish Nebraskan" that we found here.
     Another politically active Jewish Nebraskan who claims to have known Hagel for “almost 20 years, politically and non-politically,” spoke to The Algemeiner on condition of anonymity. “I was alarmed with his views about Israel,” said the source.
     As Secretary of Defense, “He would treat Israel just like anyone else, no special treatment […] of course it would be damaging to Israel.”
Meanwhile, the Log Cabin Republicans have suddenly become outraged at Hagel's 14-year-old anti-gay remarks and have taken out a full page ad in the New York Times to ruin his prospects of being named Secretary of Defense.

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