Saturday, November 17, 2012

Interview with director of Invisible Men, Outstanding Documentary Feature at Frameline LGBT film festival

Colin Murphy, of St. Louis' Vital Voice interviewed Yariv Mozer, in town for the screening of his documentary at the Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival.

Colin Murphy: How difficult was it to find the interview subjects and how did you earn their trust?
Yariv Mozer: In the beginning I didn’t know that among us in Tel Aviv are people that live in such situations. So the first man I approached was Shaul, who is a volunteer in charge of minorities at The LGBT Center in Tel Aviv, if you’ve seen the film.  And he’s like the unofficial address of gay Palestinians when they need an Israeli guide who will help them or address them to other Israeli officials and things like this—he’s the guy. So through him I got to meet several gay Palestinians in the same situation and when I met Louie -  it was very clear that I was going to do a film because of his story and his character  and I was really emotionally attached. I felt for him and it was right after that first meeting with him that I understood.
     To gain his trust was something—I’m always saying that before I’m Israeli or Jewish, I’m gay. And Louie knew it. So the fact that I’m gay, he was gay – this was the first thing to make the bond, to make us trust each other. And the first time I convinced the police officers not to arrest him – this was a turning point. It was clear that I was here for him and I will do whatever I can to help.
Read the entire interview here.

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