Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bold Nebraska: loophole in Deb Fischer bill gave pipeline, but not wind companies, emiment domain

Deb Fischer Supporter Sarah Palin (left) and the Senate candidate,
who had nothing to say to a Lincoln radio station about Mitt
Romney's "47%" remarks during a fund-raiser at the lavish Florida
estate of a private equity manager whose Long Island sex parties
are notorious in the Empire State.
Deb Fischer claims she strengthened eminent domain with a bill when she was a state senator. In fact, she had an opportunity to ensure landowners had the upper hand when facing eminent domain, and instead she did nothing to define the word pipeline and did nothing to provide guidance for a public process over eminent domain power.
     Deb Fischer’s bill actually put into law that wind companies could not use eminent domain but oil pipeline companies could use eminent domain for private gain.
     Because of Fischer's lack of vision on that eminent domain law, any pipeline carrying oil, tarsands or even toxic waste could claim eminent domain using her bill as the legal standing. Today, it's a Canadian company who many of us see as "friendly." Tomorrow, under Fischer's eminent domain bill, it could be China or Iraq.
Facts on the Fischer Eminent Domain Loophole.

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