Friday, September 28, 2012

The Ruth Institute needs to hire this woman!

NSFW. Roger Ebert, who tweeted this video, notes that the "guest" is the speaker's mom and further noted that he "regarded this video in fascination and awe."

What AKSARBENT learned from this video
  • All penises are not created equal
  • Don't let every man hit the bottom of your vagina... 
  • (from Guest:) They don't know about the bottom...
  • A woman can be screwed into slavery by a man using his penis as a weapon to break her ass down
  • This can actually reduce her to a cum freak
  • You don't want to let everybody spank you and talk to you all kind of ways
  • Alexyss K. Taylor may not have a PhD and a master's degrees to put on her wall in academia, but she has "a master's degree in being used by men, being played by men"
  • (from Guest) A girl ain't got a chance!

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