Friday, September 21, 2012

Kansas Democratic LGBT Caucus files another ethics complaint against antigay House Democrat

The first complaint concerned her actual, vs. claimed, residence.
     Now Ryon Carey, chairman of the Kansas Democratic LGBT Caucus, has filed a different ethics complaint against notoriously homophobic Democratic Rep. Jan Pauls of Hutchinson.
     Pauls beat a gay LGBT opponent, Erich Bishop of Hutchison, In her Aug. 7 primary race in the 102nd House District, by just seven votes after provisional ballots were tallied, but her Republican general election opponent, Dakota Bass, also is an LGBT supporter who was a registered Democrat and a leader of another party caucus for progressives until June.
     The complaint alleges she improperly failed to publicly disclose her ownership of a duplex rental property, worth $44,000. Pauls said she didn't list the property because it never produced any income. Carey, a tax accountant, called Pauls' explanation "laughable," noting that Pauls used to be both a district court judge and a county prosecutor.
      Pauls says "outside agitators" want to derail her reelection.
     "One would wish that these people had a life," Pauls said. "But if you're their project, you're their project."

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