Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KMTV reports on Nebraska Heritage Coalition news­paper ad, fight with Heartland Clergy for Inclusion over pending LGBT protection measure

Update: a reader tipped us that a nationally infamous death-to-gays preacher is on the Nebraska Heritage Coalition's roster. We checked. It's true.

On Sunday, the born-yesterday Nebraska Heritage Coalition ran a full-page black-and-white ad in the Omaha World-Herald (reputed to have cost about $10,000) which was probably a shot across the bow of an even larger church organization in favor of LGBT rights, Heartland Clergy for Inclusion.
     Charitably, the "Heritage" side said that ALL people (not just homos!) are "broken" and invited them to their churches (Don't forget your checkbooks, you broken — but we hope not broke — sad queers yearning to be free!)
     Sinners were firmly reminded that “We do not have the right to change God’s moral law to fit our sexual preferences."
     Then all the ad signers went out to celebrate at Red Lobster and ignored the part of Leviticus forbidding the consumption of shellfish because that passage can't be used to hammer homos. OK, AKSARBENT made that up.
     The totally credible ministers told KMTV that it was just a coincidence that their ad appeared two days before Ben Gray introduced Equal Employment 2.0 because, you know, if it weren't just a coincidence, then someone might raise a stink about the rules governing tax exemption organizations engaging in political activities.
     So it was a coincidence, capiche?

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