Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Secretly-funded antigay group bombarding New Jersey with robocalls from 202-505-5356, 202-505-5653 and 202-599-4723

The calls are paid for by the National Organization for Marriage. NOM was organized by Mormon officials and members to fight gay marriage in California and elsewhere. It has thumbed its nose at campaign disclosure laws in Iowa, Minnesota, New York, Maine, Rhode Island, Florida, California, New Hampshire, and Washington State, all states which have sued or investigated NOM or in which NOM is suing or playing fast and loose with campaign disclosure laws because it doesn't want the public to know where it gets millions of dollars. NOM's chairman, Maggie Gallagher, has a history of unethical behavior which was covered by the Washington Post.

NOM's president, Brian Brown, makes more than $170,000 per year and lives in a million-dollar, five-acre, mini-estate in Great Falls, VA.

Recently, Brown (see photo at right) was seen doing his part to angrily repel protesters and a Mother Jones reporter. at a $1000-per-plate fundraiser for Newt Gingrich at the posh Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. While NOM solicits donations to kill gay marriage, civil unions AND domestic partnerships, it also raises money for a thrice-married presidential candidate accused by an ex-wife of demanding an "open marriage."

NOM's facebook page is here, if you'd like to post a message to it. Some people have had luck reducing NOM's incessant telephone assaults on their homes by following the below advice, seen in a feedback post here at AKSARBENT:
Chris said...
I found out better information - call 202-457-8060 and ask to speak to Dave Monge, with the National Organization for Marriage. I called him and very sternly told him to take me off their call list or I will be calling my local law enforcement people, because it amounts to harassment. Bloggers everywhere please post this information - and call his # to get a real person on the phone, not a full answering machine that ignores you.
Below is video of NOM president Brian Brown, evading hard-nosed questions about NOM's finances in Washington, DC. Skip to 3:20 to get beyond his grandstanding.

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