Friday, January 20, 2012

Grindr hacked in Australia; 100,000 compromised; Expert: no real security in Grindr, Blendr apps

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a hacker has exposed, via a website, now taken down, Grindr users' pseudonyms, passwords, their personal favourites (bookmarked friends), allowed them to be impersonated, thereby having  messages sent and received without their knowledge. At one point, the website also allowed users' profile pictures to be replaced, which happened, causing at least one user to be kicked off, due to a terms of service violation, when his profile picture was replaced with an explicit photo
     Grindr is an application enabling gay males to meet other gay males within close proximity, and has a straight version, Blendr.
     Joel Simkhai, maker of both, said he will release a security update to both applications "over the next few days." An expert in Australia interviewed by the Herald said neither application had any real security.

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