Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maynard G. Krebs explains it all to you

Maynard: Now you don't have to wear all those clothes anymore...
Dobie: Well what was the matter with them?
...Maynard: Dobie, you don't, like, understand. Clothes are no good.
They're like a prison.
Dobie: I see.
Maynard: I mean they squeeze ya, hem you in. A guy oughta be, like, free.

Dobie: Aw, Maynard, you oughta get yourself a girl.
Maynard: Oooh, not me big daddy. I've tried girls and it's like nowhere. They spend my money, they won't kiss me goodnight and they make giggle about me in the powder room. You try girls if you want to; Me, I'm sticking to jazz.

Pearl: You fellas don't need me. You've got each other!
Dobie: Aw, Girls. Nothin' but trouble. They bug me. They really do.
Maynard: Me too, man. Who needs girls?
Dobie: Yeah, look at the rich full life you can have without girls.

Dobie: You know how I feel about girls...
Maynard: The same way I feel about Stan Kenton.
Dobie: Maynard, don't a girl's lips mean anything to you?
Maynard: If they can play a hot trumpet, I'll listen, I'll listen.

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