Friday, September 16, 2011

Short takes: Poverty jumps, Netflix revolt, Republicans try to keep DADT, Illinois law against recording police finds sympathetic judge

Census Bureau reports that the number of people in deep poverty is highest in 36 years

California Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon, the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and another committee member, South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson have written a letter asking Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to delay the new policy allowing gays to serve openly in the military

A great roll-your-own budget PC for about $600. What to buy

Is copyright law becoming too draconian? Witness this year's introduction of the PROTECT IP Act and S. 978, which would make unauthorized streaming a felony

600,000 customers quit Netflix over price increase

Seventh Circuit appeals court judge Richard Posner seems to agree with Illinois' repressive law against recording police in public

Omaha's hail-pummeled "string of pearls" globe lights along Abbott Drive to be replaced by energy-saving LED lights; will still shine upward, contributing to light pollution, the bane of stargazers

University of Iowa apologizes for tweet referring to Michele Bachmann as a cougar

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