Friday, September 23, 2011

News: Georgia simply won't allow gun-pointing, weed-smoking, door-kicking, sheriff-insulting Anthony Peters to remain on its bench

(Magistrate Judge Anthony Peters, via Talking Points Memo)
The Georgia Supreme Court has maintained the high standards of that state's judiciary by throwing Magistrate Judge Anthony Peters off the bench for pulling a gun in the courthouse, pointing it at himself and saying to another judge: "I am not scared. Are you all scared?" Also for smoking pot once a week from at least March to May of 2010. Also for kicking in two doors in his sister-in-law's estranged husband's house. Also for calling in to a talk show where the Catoosa County Sheriff was being interviewed and, after initially trying to disguise his voice with various foreign accents, calling the lawman a "spineless jelly spine," and letting him know that he had "crapped himself."

AKSARBENT applauds the uncompromisingly rigidity of Georgia's judicial ethics and that system's vigilance in maintaining such a high bar of professional comportment. It also suggests that ex-judge Peters try looking for work in Texas.

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