Saturday, December 25, 2010

Seattle police release dashcam video of Officer Ian Birk and half-deaf alcoholic he shot to death

Ian Birk
Following a judge's order, Seattle police finally released, on the Friday immediately preceding Christmas, dashcam video of the August death of 50-year-old woodcarver John Williams, shot at five times and hit four times by Officer Ian Birk after not following orders to drop his knife.

Williams, a chronic substance abuser, was deaf in one ear, and his knife was closed, although a picture of the legal woodcarving knife was previously released by Seattle police showing it open.

Birk claimed he felt threatened by Williams, whom he had encountered at least once before. Witnesses say Williams was facing away from Birk when Birk shot him. A number of unconfirmed comments on a YouTube page and various news sites claim that Birk was a veteran fresh from Iraq when the incident occurred.
SPD knife photo released to media
SPD evidentiary photo of knife at scene


  1. "...Birk was a veteran fresh from Iraq when the incident occurred."
    I have thought this since the first time I heard the audio of the incident. Just too quick to shoot a man that was, in all probability, not even aware that there was a trigger-happy pig that was going to execute him.

  2. After reviewing all the stories regarding this case, I find it amazing that no charges were brought on officer Birk,