Thursday, August 11, 2016

Warren Buffett, your voter chauffeur

Practical billionaire Warren Buffett doesn't just get mad at Donald Trump, he gets even. In his appearance with Hillary in Omaha, he promised to personally drive 10 vehicularly-impaired people to the polls on election day. (He has also chartered Omaha's Ollie The Trolley get even more people out.) But wait, there's more: he's promoting in the hope that a large Omaha turnout will give Trump a little November Surprise in the Blue Dot State.*

*Nebraska is known to political junkies as the Blue Dot State, because it, like Maine, is not winner-take-all in presidential elections. The presidential candidate who gets the most votes in Nebraska gets the electoral votes corresponding to the state's two senators, but such a candidate must win a majority in each of the state's three congressional districts to get all three electoral votes corresponding to them. In 2008, Obama peeled off an electoral vote in Nebraska's second district, (mostly Omaha.) Before that, no Democratic presidential candidate had received an electoral vote from Nebraska since Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

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