Saturday, August 6, 2016

NE Sen. Kintner to Cybersex blackmailer: Why don't you like young guys? Why my cam, not yours?

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The NE Unicameral may soon lose its brilliant senator from
Papillion, but if so, GOP Gov. Ricketts will get to appoint
someone just as good from the GOP's deep bench of nutballs
The Nebraska State Patrol has traced the blackmail scheme which ensnared antigay state senator Bill Kintner to a small crime syndicate based in the Ivory Coast using Russian Internet IP addresses. The State Patrol's investigational transcript of Kintner's Beantown laptop cybersex seems pretty par for that course (though the English-As-A-Second-Language blackmailer who did most of the often comical texting, really knows how to turn an English phrase on its head.)
     We electron-stained wretches at AKSARBENT were struck by a few startling  chat log betrayals of either Senator Kintner's impressive stupidity or his total surrender to the impulses of Little Bill, or both.
     Yesterday, Kintner continued to insist he won't resign. Yeah he will. You watch.
     The report starts with some snark by the State Patrol about the Nebraska Unicameral's email setup, ruled by the same IT manager "since 1993ish." (Click on any text picture below to enlarge for easier reading.)
 Gee, why don't you seem to like the young guys?

 Also, how come you want my cam on but yours isn't, HUH?

Nah, I don't think you're a devil!

(P.S.: Mitch Ryder, of the Detroit Wheels, had the 60s hit of Devil With The Blue Dress On; later he came out of the closet, which kinda explains why he sang about girls being the devil with such conviction.)

Hell hath no fury like a blackmailing woman you delete on Facebook: 

Holy crap, officer! Is she ever pissed! Can she even do that?

Thank you, Nebraska State Patrol, to whom AKSARBENT now dedicates these two YouTube videos:

How fast was I going, officer?

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