Thursday, June 16, 2016

NE U.S. House candidate Don Bacon:
the definition of crass opportunism

If we were cynical, we'd say, after seeing Don Bacon's campaign graphic, that the massacre in Orlando happened in order to bring Nebraskans his run at House District Two.
    His tweets on the bloodbath mention neither the role a military assault rifle played in the mayhem nor who was targeted, a slap in the face to 50,000 LGBT Nebraskans.
     They say the opposite of love isn't hate, but indifference. Here's Bacon's calculated refusal to acknowledge who got killed in Orlando:
     Our thoughts and prayers are w/ the victims and families affected in #Orlando. It is time that we get serious about defeating ISIS for good.
(Tweeted by Bacon 6/12)
And how's this for good old reactionary GOP condescension?
We are all Americans. Our lives deserve protection regardless of our political differences. #OrlandoUnited
(Tweeted by Bacon, 6/13)
     And how about his exploitation of murder to blame Obama for ISIS, a creation of George Bush (43, the idiot) who destabilized Iraq by removing Saddam Hussein, a despot who squashed Islamic terrorists as ruthlessly as Hillary Clinton's people challenged the credentials of competing Sanders delegates.
     As for Bacon's exhortation to "pray" for people who are already dead, is that anything but the hollow bullet point, standard-issue GOP distraction from efforts to ban high-velocity military assault rifle sales to civilians?
     Democrats spent $400,000 trying to knock Bacon out of the primary in favor of a Tea Party candidate who used to be a Douglas County Commissioner with a record they thought would make him more vulnerable in a general election. They might as well have thrown that money down a rathole, as Bacon demolished Maxwell in the primary.

     Evidently Dems don't think they can beat a military man with no political record.
     If Republicans could take out Georgia Sen. Max Cleland, a Vietnam vet who lost two legs and an arm, in favor of one of their chickenhawks, Sen. Saxby Chambliss, then Nebraska Dems could easily defeat the tone-deaf Bacon, marinated in the pork culture of the Pentagon.
     Don believe it? Google "Air Force boondoggle" and then ask yourself if Air Force Gen. Don Bacon would recognize fiscal responsibility in government if it sat on his lap and called him daddy. (It wouldn't; no child called Government Fiscal Responsibility would ever try to claim Bacon paternity.)
     Dems could hold Bacon's feet to the fire regarding his conspicuous silence about Sen. Deb. Fischer's sleazy vote to hide the allegedly outrageous development costs of the Air Force B-21 from taxpayers.
     Bacon is a poseur and a fiscal hypocrite. Nebraska Democrats can't figure out how to win with that?

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