Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ohio State 'unofficial' songbook: 'There is no place as gay as Nebraska'

A 2014 report on the questionable Ohio State band culture has received some attention from the Wall St. Journal, summarized by Derek Draplin of the University in The College Fix.
     The author of one of the more homophobic blasts was interviewed about his questionable verse, whereupon he immediately resorted to the Sarah Palin dodge about allegedly having gay friends who were not offended by what he wrote because they allegedly knew he wasn't serious.
     Another song reviewed by the Journal about the Nebraska Cornhuskers, also in the Big Ten Conference, reveals lyrics about rape, erotic sex and homosexuality.
     “Nebraska got f—– in their cornholes” and “It’ll soften our d—- if there’s chicks in the mix,” one song reads, while another says: “There’s no place as gay as Nebraska, except maybe Michigan U. Where the girls are all hairy, and the boys are all fairies, on your chest we will poo.”
     Matt Cominski, a former Ohio State band member who wrote one of the controversial Nebraska songs, said he had “a lot of confidence that it was never going to see the light of day.”
      “I knew a lot of people in the band were gay and they knew I wasn’t being serious,” Cominski told the Journal. “If I were writing to a broader audience or anyone other than a few close friends I would be horrified by those words.”
     Jon Woods, who was band director when the songbook was updated in 2012, was unable to be reached for comment, but Waters, who was formerly his assistant and succeeded Woods, said he “understood it to be gone.”
Gays weren't the only target of the mostly-witless doggerel:
     The anti-Semitic song “Goodbye Kramer” – disclosed Thursday by The Wall Street Journal – includes lyrics to the tune of Journey’s classic hit Don’t Stop Believin’ with a line where Nazi soldiers search “for people livin’ in their neighbor’s attic” and a “small town Jew…who took the cattle train to you know where.”
     “Head to the furnace room, ‘Bout to meet your fiery doom,” another line of the song reads. “Oh the baking never ends, it goes on and on and on and on.”

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