Thursday, June 4, 2015

Commenter of the week: UNL's Right Wing Professor

Well, it was the comment of the week to homocentric us anyway. We always get a kick out of desperation by conservatives stricken with the gays-no-longer-know-their-place-and-now-the-walls-of-modern-morees-are-closing-in-on-us blues.
     This week's sad variation on that theme came from none other than Gerard Harbison, UNL's famous Right Wing Professor.
     Harbison's new beef was that the blogmaster at LeavenworthSt., the sadly popular Nebraska conservative blog, walked back a homophobic epithet directed at heterosexual John Oliver because he hilariously savaged Gov. Pete Ricketts on his HBO show:

     Gerard, you disappoint us! After all, blog comments are not limited to 140 characters, like your tweets. You had plenty of room for an entire laundry list of epithets referring to gays, not just four! We know you wanted to, so why didn't you knock yourself out exploiting a rare, if flimsy, opportunity to spew a few more slurs before the final day of reckoning when the liberal PC police show up at your door with a multi-colored tank and take your liberty, your food, your guns and your freedom to behave badly on the Internet by gleefully reciting class-insults?
     Harbison was reacting to the disclaimer below, by Streetsweeper, who blamed what he wrote on an old book by P.J. O'Rourke, and who preposterously asserted that "poofter" somehow morphed into a gay insult after O'Rourke began publishing his garish right-wing drivel (a proposition not even Harbison believes) and who also, in a tweet, asserted that "poofter" is gay slang (instead of invective invented by straight homophobes.)

What bullshit. Webster's (hardly an "urban" dictionary) says "poofter" has been a disparaging term for gays since 1903, long before the lamentable appearance of either P.J. O'Rouke and his over-the-top, too-clever-by-half rants or Jerry Kratochvil.

Sure Jerry. "Poofter" is gay slang because gays invented it as a gift to bigots, just the way Czechs invented the word "Bohunk" in order to insult themselves.

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