Monday, May 18, 2015

'Bunk' called on Rubén Díaz Sr. claim that NY Comptroller rescinded job offer to his wife, who opposes gay marriage

Diaz, left, with Brian Brown, head of the National
Organization for Marriage
From the New York Observer:
     State Senator Rubén Díaz Sr., a conservative Democrat, said in an email today that his wife, Leslie Díaz, was recently offered an unspecified position in Mr. Stringer’s office. When Mr. Stringer found out that she, like her husband, is not a supporter of same-sex marriage, the offer was rescinded, according to Mr. Díaz.
     “My wife Leslie was left high and dry and unemployed–and only because according to Scott Stringer, there is no place in his taxpayer-funded office for those whose core religious beliefs oppose same-sex marriage.     
     ...A spokesman for Mr. Stringer, John McKay, said the story is bunk.

     “Senator Díaz’s email is nonsense. Leslie Díaz was never offered a position in the Comptroller’s Office,” Mr. McKay said. “It’s no surprise that Senator Díaz is making inflammatory statements against pro same-sex marriage elected officials to advance his own agenda.”

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