Friday, April 17, 2015

Nebraska Family Alliance: Ban gay marriage because children grow up dumber when raised by women

An alphabet soup alliance of antigay "family" groups, (including the Nebraska Family Alliance)  have signed a recent amicus brief citing a who's who of right-wing junk social science, including famously discredited Mark Regnerus.
     Below is an example of the arguments in their brief, which contradicts the stance of virtually every mainstream group of psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists and physicians lined up on the other side, in support of marriage equality:   
In general, fathers also use a broader vocabulary when interacting with their children, which develops children’s expressive-language abilities. In addition, fathers often engage in peer-like verbal play, which helps older children and adolescents relate to their peers and shape their sense of self. And fathers’ use of more cognitively demanding language, together with their tendency to require children to demonstrate skills and learning, cultivates higher-level thinking and supports educational attainment and academic achievement.

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