Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gay etiquette on the basketball court

Cyd Zeigler at Outsports has written another fascinating piece —on Kentucky high school basketball player Dalton Maldonado, who outed himself with a snarky retort to an epithet voiced by a member of an opposing team, causing that entire team to chase Maldonado's team bus. Pretty horrible. But the following was amusing:
     ...One particularly meaningful moment came a few games later. Unbeknownst to most of the players, Betsy Layne was playing against another team that happened to feature Maldonado's ex-boyfriend. During a rough play, Akers knocked the opposing player to the ground. When he helped the player off the floor, Maldonado shot him a dirty look. At the next timeout, Akers asked him about it.
     "I don't want you helping him up," Maldonado said. Their relationship had not ended well and there was animosity on both sides. "Would you like it if I helped your ex-girlfriend?"
      The team got a chuckle out of that...

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