Sunday, April 5, 2015

After testifying against LGBT bills in at least 2 states, ADF told IRS it didn't lobby in FY covering Spring, 2013

Despite opposing LGBT legislation in at least two committee hearings during the Spring of 2013, the Alliance Defending Freedom, in its 990 form covering that period, claimed to the IRS that it did not engage in lobbying.
     Rhode Island and Nebraska don't appear to consider advocacy before a legislative committee lobbying if the testifier was "invited" by the committee.
     The IRS has its own definition of what constitutes lobbying by 503 (C) (3) entities.

March 2013, Nebraska: ADF's Kellie Feidorek testifies against LB485, an LGBT antibias bill before the Nebraska Unicameral.

March 2013, Rhode Island: ADF's Kellie Fiedorek testifies against marriage equality before the Rhode Island legislature.

Fun facts about the Alliance Defending Freedom!
  • For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013, ADF took in almost $40 million, including over $16 million in direct mail fundraising.
  • It raked in almost $8 million from a mystery contributor it didn't identify.
  • It had bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and Austria.
  • Its Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff was Wayne N. Swindler.

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