Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lawyer of man arrested for burning Lesbian couple's rainbow flag in front of them: No proof my client knew it was a 'gay pride windsock'

That's what James Martin Davis told the Omaha World-Herald in a videotaped interview and who is AKSARBENT to say this line of reasoning wouldn't be entirely plausible to a very stupid jury?
      How in the world was Mr. Davis' client supposed to know that totally straight leprechauns didn't inhabit the house and it was their rainbow flag and the two women who came outside to watch him torch their multicolored banner weren't just the cleaning ladies?
"There's no showing that my client even was aware that that was a gay pride windsock. ...I just think there's a presumption that everybody and their brother knows somebody is gay when most of the time people don't. I mean this is just a minor criminal mischief case and they're trying to elevate it to a, you know, a felony. I mean, this kid's in college, a hard worker and you know just because he got drunk and did a little vandalism doesn't mean that his life should be ruined for the rest of his life... I just think that he's unfortunately caught up in a crusade to advance a political agenda"

Langenegger, left, and assailant Duncan
     Last month James Martin Davis defended another man arrested for a gay hate crime.
     You'd think he would have won that one, as his client, who sucker-punched Ryan Langenegger for standing up for two gay friends, was not gay and no one claimed that the assailant, Gregory Duncan, uttered any homophobic slurs.
     But, alas, attorney Davis failed to convince a jury. He said he will appeal.

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