Sunday, March 1, 2015

Benham Bros. cure gay man with Cubs tickets! This should almost all the Ricketts very happy

The Benham Brothers with Texas Gov. Rick Perry,
who did not receive any Cubs tickets from them
     Gov. Pete Ricketts, who opposes gay marriage and was the biggest contributor to the Unicameral's most dedicated homophobe, Sen. Beau McCoy, should be over the moon about this. His sister Laura, not so much.
     The dubious fable straight conversion anecdote was told at a religious broadcasters convention by David Benham, who, with his brother Jason, flips houses in Charlotte, N.C. and almost got a show on HGTV until the cable network found out about the Benham family's extremist, homophobic views and punted.
     Ever since, the Benhams have been nailing themselves to the cross — they even have a new book, Whatever the Cost.
     We saw this first on JoeMyGod, which now has over 350 comments on the Benham Brothers, many of them filthy (and funny) because, speaking biblically, most homosexuals are completely incorrigible.
     Unless they go to Cubs games, of course.
     Before leaving the subject of incorrigibility, let's watch a Rachel Maddow piece about the Ricketts family itself, shall we?

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