Friday, February 13, 2015

Netflix: House of Cash

Netflix is no longer streaming Brokeback Mountain, but if you want a good cry without waiting for the mailman*, er "letter carrier," then peruse the chart below and remember Warren Buffet's advice: Powerball is a tax on stupidity.

*This reminds AKSARBENT of an amusing story told to us in a Compuserve (yeah we go back THAT far!) gay chatroom by a guy who said he was a postman, a claim we doubted, so we asked him the best and worst things about his job because we are the curious sort, we are.
     The worst: dogs. (Duh.)
     The best: When the mailman had to deliver something requiring a signature to a hung-over, but hot dude on a Saturday morning and the guy would stumble out of bed with nothing on, peek through the curtain, and think: "Aw, it's just the mailman," and open the door.
     We asked if he ever embarrassed himself in such situations by becoming visibly excited, and our digital correspondent said: "No, you can just shift your mailbag a little."
     That's when we decided he wasn't bullshitting us.

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