Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nebraska's biggest paper adds a gay dad occasional poster to momaha blog

Nickolas Kramer got Iowa-married to spouse Jason Cadek in 2013 and have adopted a daughter, Alice. They are plaintiffs to the same-sex marriage suit brought by the ACLU.
     Nebraska's Attorney General, Don Peterson, with the blessing of Governor Pete Ricketts, is spending whatever it takes of your taxes to fight gay marriage every step of the way in Nebraska, even though it is already legal in 37 states and will soon be in every state surrounding Nebraska.
     Kramer's first blog post in the World-Herald made us well up with disgust with Peterson all over again:
     ...Now, imagine that the state you live in doesn't recognize your marriage, or your legal ties to your child. Pretend that the state you live in makes it difficult to get family health insurance, makes you carry an armload of papers to take your child to the doctor, makes you draft durable power-of-attorney documents every six months, excludes your child and spouse for social security and spousal benefits. As a same-sex family, these are just a few of the challenges we face every day.
     ...Because of the laws in Nebraska, my family is at a clear disadvantage. I am the only legal parent of our daughter. Since our marriage is not recognized, we are forbid from completing a second-parent adoption. In the eyes of the law, my husband is a stranger to his daughter. He is unable to make medical decisions, unless he is carrying power-of-attorney papers. We are unable to receive marriage related tax-breaks – don’t even get me started on how complicated it is to file taxes. We may not be able to receive spousal social security or surviving spouse retirement benefits. Without proof of power of attorney, we are unable to make medical decisions for each other in an emergency. The funny thing about all of these issues is that they could be solved with one strike of the judge's gavel.

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