Thursday, February 19, 2015

A PFLAG China LGBT video gets 100,000,000+ views

Chinese, without the dubious heritage of a Judeo-Christian tradition, aren't an especially homophobic people, but there is overwhelming pressure for children to marry and produce at least 1 grandkid.
     More than 700 million migrant Chinese workers will return home this weekend to celebrate the start of Year of the Ram, beginning Thursday.
     If 3% of them are gay, that's 21 million sons and daughters with 42 million parental units. No wonder the video has become so widely seen.
    Here's part of the annotation for the English-translated version (with occasionally white-on-white subtitles) of the video produced by PFLAG China:
     For LGBT people who are not out to their families, going home for Chinese New Year is more of a torture, as they will have to face the #1 question being asked by family and relatives : where is your boy/girlfriend (of opposite sex)?
     This newly released video, produced by PFLAG China, sending a powerful message to both LGBT people and their families – coming out, going home. At the end of the video are some of the Rainbow Mamas from all over China, whom not only supported their own children (LGBT) but also give courage to others.

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