Thursday, January 22, 2015

NE GOP's zombie voter disenfranchisement bill, LB111, introduced by Tyson Larson

NE State Sen. Tyson Larson
Larson, a 27-year-old GOP state senator representing O'Neil, is trying to revive voter ID legislation, already killed twice in Nebraska, in a newer, even more draconian form: his bill, LB111, not only requires picture ID, it disqualifies any voter who has moved to a new polling precinct and not gotten new ID.
Larson (@TysonLarson) refused to cite a single example of voter fraud in Nebraska when asked to by UNL's Daily Nebraskan, saying it was not the issue.
Nebraskans for Civic reform will be fighting this — again.

The Defeat of Voter ID in Nebraska from Adam Morfeld on Vimeo.

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  1. Good! Does my shriveled, blackened little heart good to know the Unicameral can get something right! But you know as well as I do they'll keep trying this shit, so long as the teatards keep getting elected.