Friday, October 10, 2014

Expanded marriage rights for LGBTs leaving job protections in the dust. WaPo explains why

Patrick J. Egan, Associate Professor of Politics and Public Policy at NYU takes note of the widening gap between marriage and employment rights for LGBT Americans:
     Gay people can now get legally married in more states than where they are legally protected from job discrimination.  As this map shows, there are now five states — Indiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Virginia — where gay people can get legally married and where it is perfectly legal for an employer to fire someone for being gay.
     It’s a circumstance that’s remarkably out of line with public opinion.  Almost all Americans support employment rights for gay people.  (For example, Gallup stopped asking its regular survey question on this topic once support hit 89 percent in 2008.)  But such unanimity in attitudes — if it ever arrives — still lies in the distant future on the question of same-sex marriage, where those in favor of legalizing gay marriage currently make up about 55 percent of the American population.
     National LGBTQ Task Force Executive Director Rae Carey deplored this disparity yesterday on KMTV Omaha's broadcast of the Morning Blend. AKSARBENT blogged it; you can see Carey's remarks here.

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