Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dan Page, St. Louis cop who pushed CNN anchor Don Lemon, is suspended after CNN airs parts of his interesting YouTube 'Oathkeepers' speech

Memo to dumb cops with a racist, homophobic and sexist Internet backstory: Don't pick fights with people who buy ink by the barrel and don't interfere with a gay, black news anchor for an international TV news operation when he's on the air. You will live to regret it.
     Officer Dan Page tried throwing his weight around, specifically on Don Lemon, during unrest in Ferguson, MO, which the CNN anchor was trying to cover, but apparently Page didn't see what was coming next: a CNN report on his own wingnut speech to a Missouri chapter of the far right organization Oathkeepers. Oops, said the cracker from the show-me state after CNN showed the world what he was really all about.
     Oathkeepers is a bunch of mostly cop/military types which is so deeply creepy that the Southern Poverty Law Center researched the group for a special report here.
     Although Officer Page ain't personally an Oathkeeper member hisself, he apparently likes to get members of said outfit cranked up with his very own crank trifecta of anti-homo, anti-Obama, and anti-broad oratory.

One cop who WAS a member of Oathkeepers (and may still be) is Don Kessler (below), who used to be the police chief of Gilberton, PA, until the town decided to terminate him after it suddenly and shockingly discovered his use of "borough-owned automatic attachments to the weapons in his now-infamous YouTube videos, tampering with a borough computer system before his initial suspension, misusing a borough discount card to buy tires for his personal Humvee, failing to turn over weapons to the borough and general dereliction of duty."

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