Saturday, July 12, 2014

Man who laid out barkeep of NY gay bar in front of his bodybuilder boyfriend, then hid at mom's house, will stay in NJ to face charges

Apparently the perp, Corey Pohan is a surfer thug who illegally rents bikes in Central Park and has threatened a legitimate competitor, who identified him to cops.
     However, witnesses say it was Paul Martone, and/or his boyfriend, Miguel DeContreras, who confronted and baited Pohan after he stepped over, rather than around, the bartender's chihauhau and that Martone actually dared Pohan to throw the first punch, which he did before taking off, leaving Martone to fall backward and crack his skull on the pavement.
     After being apprehended in New Jersey, Martone bolted from a cop car and tried to hide on the roof of a toll booth.

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