Saturday, July 12, 2014

A look back at Anita Bryant's 70s jihad against gays

You should watch this if you're too young to have lived through Bryant's antigay campaign and subsequent career implosion after the Florida Citrus Commission decided to be done with her (apparently that TV exposure was the only thing getting her gigs).
     AKSARBENT was going to pass on this (it's long) but after hitting the play button, we could NOT stop watching. Dave Evans is a very smart video editor! A sample news report from the reel:
The campaign has also had its bizarre moments. One of the men who was against homosexuals received a package in the mail. He thought it was a letter bomb. After the police exploded the package, they spent two hours picking up its harmless contents: pro-homosexual literature which they had blown all over the neighborhood.
     At the time all this was going on, AKSARBENT can recall wondering why gay activists in Miami did not use the nuclear option on Anita — getting footage of the exploitation of child labor in orange groves in Florida (there was some) and throwing it in Little Miss Save Our Children's face instead of a pie.

(Via JoeMyGod)

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