Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jon Bruning: 'all prisoners deserve to be in prison'

John Bruning's newest idiotic statement was made during Thursday's GOP gubernatorial candidate debate, during a discussion of prisoner overcrowding in Nebraska.
     Bruning, who is clearly unfit to serve even as attorney general, much less be promoted to Governor by voters, evidently believes that Nebraska's criminal justice system is perfect, that police never manufacture, tamper with, or conceal evidence, and that no one in the state is ever wrongly convicted.
     This, despite the fact that the National Academy of Sciences just released a study saying that at least 4.1% of death row defendants are falsely convicted.
     Since capitol crimes are the most scrutinized, it is likely that an even geater percentage of false convictions occur of lesser crimes.
     According to the World-Herald, Bruning said he's fine with putting more inmates in each cell and added “If they don't like the accom­modations the taxpayers provide, don't get sent to prison.”
     That what-me-worry? attitude only works until overcrowding becomes so intolerable that federal courts step in, as they have repeatedly in such cases. At which point we suppose Bruning will blame the White House if it is occupied by a Democrat.
     GOP candidate Pete Ricketts has called for prison alternatives to deal with nonviolent offenders.

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