Friday, May 16, 2014

Barilla now paying gay bloggers to promote LGBT inclusiveness in new 'Share The Table' social media campaign

From a sponsored post in the DesignerDaddy blog:
     While I’d heard of efforts on the part of Barilla to make amends, I paid them little mind. I was skeptical they could do anything to salvage a relationship with the LGBT community and our allies.
     But then I was asked to take part in Barilla’s Share the Table campaign. And I was approached specifically because I’m a gay father. I learned they’d also enlisted other LGBT bloggers, including fellow parents Polly Pagenhart and Vikki Reich.
     According to the materials I was given and my own research, Barilla has been making changes ever since the interview and subsequent boycott. They met with and received counsel from GLAAD; established a Diversity & Inclusion Board and appointed a Chief Diversity Officer; participated in HRC’s Corporate Equality Index; and as evidenced by this post, they want to partner with influencers in the LGBT community as part of Share the Table, to ensure families of all kinds are included.
Barilla factory, Ames, IA.
The company has another in Avon, NY.

As soon as AKSARBENT finds out how much Barilla is paying, we're off to the park with a pot of pasta and our cell phone camera in search of adorable tots in the weekend custody of angry, recently-divorced and half-lit dads willing to fake the rainbow in exchange for a 60/40 split. Call us, Guido.

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