Thursday, April 17, 2014

New postal service stamps depict drawings of gay bondage porn, at long last

That's the good news (Thank you, Gawker, et al.)
     The bad news is that Finland's post office has issued will issue them — in September — and they're self-adhesive (contrary to a BBC report) so you really don't have any credible excuse to lick them.
     These are suitable for posting letters from Finland to anywhere in the world, but most especially to Saudi Arabia, Beau McCoy, Mississippi, Brunei, Jon Bruning, Oklahoma, Russia, Nigeria, Uganda and Franklin Graham.
     You also can buy Tom of Finland cross-stitching kits and soon you will be able to see Tom, The Movie.
     Unlike Norway, Finland isn't in Fat City due to the North Sea oil bonanza, so it does what it has to do. 

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