Friday, April 25, 2014

NE GOP Senate primary circular firing squad: Shane Osborn attacked by group allied with Club For Growth, which wants to eliminate farm subsidies

The group is "ForAmerica" which is paying for web ads proclaiming:
Leading conservative voices all believe Shane Osborn is a bad choice for Nebraska. In fact, ForAmerica is joined by Club For Growth, FreedomWorks, Senate Conservatives Fund, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee and Sarah Palin in supporting Osborn’s opponent Ben Sasse.
The group is "chaired" by right-wing extremist/gadfly Brent Bozell, whose syndicated newspaper column was recently cancelled by the Iowa's Quad City Times:
“We’re happy to spend on columnists who bring a wider perspective to readers. But we can’t continue to publish anyone who willfully submits others’ work as his own.”
The ForAmerica chairman's deception was explained by The Raw Story:
     Bozell, founder of the far-right Media Research Center, was exposed by media watchdog Jim Romenesko, who revealed that books and columns that Bozell had passed off as his own work were actually written by MRC employee Tim Graham.
     “The conservative Media Research Center often urges liberal news outlets to TELL THE TRUTH, but the Reston, VA-based press watchdog isn’t telling the truth about its own leader: Brent Bozell doesn’t write the syndicated column that appears under his byline,” Romenesko wrote.
     An MRC employee contacted Romenesko via email, saying that Graham is the author of “almost everything published under [Bozell's] name.”
     The employee — whose identity Romenesko declined to reveal – continued, “That includes his weekly column. Same goes for his books, which at least carry Graham’s name in a secondary billing, but also aren’t written by Bozell (but Bozell keeps 80-90% of the advance and all profits!).”

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