Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Boy Scouts have revoked charter of Seattle Church because it won't remove gay scoutmaster

The Boy Scouts of America has revoked the charter of Seattle's Rainier Beach United Methodist Church because it refused to fire a gay scoutmaster.
     The United Methodist Church is BSA's second-largest chartered organization, with more than 10,700 units and nearly 350,000 members, according to the Boy Scouts website.
      Disney, Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar, Major League Soccer, Merck, Intel, UPS, Alcoa and AT&T have terminated their partnerships with the Boy Scouts because of its antigay policy, according to Scouts for Equality and the Human Rights Campaign.
     Said Pastor Monica Corsaro:
"It's a part of our values that the spirit of inclusion is also reflected in the Boy Scout Troop we charter. The congregation stands with Geoff, because his work with this Troop reflects the spirit and the values of Rainier Beach United Methodist Church. In light of the BSA's decision to infringe on our religious liberties, sending us such discriminatory communication on Good Friday, we have acquired legal council to assess our options."

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