Tuesday, April 15, 2014

After 5 years of marriage equality, more Iowans say they're proud of their state than disappointed

Radio Iowa reports on an Iowa poll on gay marriage taken by Selzer and Company revealing a sea change in attitude:
 “We found the plurality of Iowans say ‘it doesn’t really matter to me, it’s not my issue.’ And more say they’re proud than say they’re disappointed,” Selzer said.
     The piece included Rob Gilmer and his husband Rene Orduna who left neighboring Nebraska, moving their popular restaurant, Dixie Quicks (tell them AKSARBENT sent you) — and themselves — from Omaha, across the Missouri River to Council Bluffs, Iowa.
     Also interviewed were Kate Varnum — the "Varnum" in "Varnum vs. Brien," the now-famous case brought to the Iowa Supreme Court in 2009 which unanimously decided that gay couples were denied equal protection. Varnum subsequently married her girlfriend, Trish, with whom she is raising an adopted two-and-a-half-year-old son in Cedar Rapids.

Dixie Quicks: Nebraska's loss, Iowa's gain

Omaha's not-so-progressive mayor, Jean Stothert (back when she was on the city council voting against an LGBT anti-bias ordinance), displays the very attitude that caused the owners of Dixie Quicks to leave her city and state:

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