Tuesday, March 18, 2014

NE GOP Gov. Heineman now applying gay litmus test to Education Board applicants; calls it 'due diligence'

Omaha attorney and State
Board of Education candidate
Ross Pesek refused to answer
Heinemen's questionnaire
Several of Nebraska GOP Gov. Dave Heineman's litany of questions put to applicants for two open State Board of Education seats have virtually nothing to do with education. Heineman's flimsy rationalization of a gay adoption question, as related to the Omaha World-Herald, was because:
...a child's first, best teachers are parents. He said a majority of Nebraskans believe marriage is between a man and woman, and that's how the Nebraska Constitution defines it.
     One candidate, Omaha attorney Ross Pesek, refused to answer Heineman's questionnaire, and the executive director of the Nebraska Democratic Party, Dan Marvin, told the Herald:
It is sad that the governor is using a political litmus test for filling board members to the State Board of Education,” Marvin said. “I am not surprised by it, but our kids deserve better.
AKSARBENT is surprised that Heineman stepped up to the plate to defend (however lamely) his antigay stance. Usually he hides behind the skirt of his spokeswoman or says nothing at all when the Omaha World-Herald or the Lincoln Journal-Star catch him being egregiously, but covertly homophobic.

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