Monday, February 10, 2014

Masterpiece Theatre pigs out! Downton Abbey's Lady Mary and Charles Blake save swine in evening wear!

The Guardian has a breathless, play-by-play recap:
It begins with [Lady] Mary and Charles [Blake] discovering that the pigs have knocked over their watering trough. They are dying of dehydration. Something must be done at once. Mary and Charles must save the pigs. There’s a water pump nearby, and four galvanised buckets. Charles grabs a bucket. Will Mary help? She’s wearing an evening gown. Of course Mary will help. They’re her pigs.
Best dialogue snippet for homo DA fans:
Lord Grantham: “What if [EVIL gay footman] Thomas doesn’t want to go?”
Lady Mary: “Why wouldn’t he? It’s an adventure. All those handsome stewards strutting down the boat deck.”
Lord Grantham: “Don’t be vulgar. What do you know of such matters?”
Lady Mary: “I’ve been married. I know everything.”

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