Monday, December 2, 2013

Nebraska: CBS goes to Norfolk to interview Bruce Dern, whose rather patrician family disowned him

From CBS' Sunday Morning, which seems to have added to the Oscar buzz surrounding Dern's performance in Alexander Payne's Nebraska.

Did he ever tire of playing the wacko, psycho, terrorist?
     No, Dern said, "because they're just guys that live just beyond where the buses run. And that's the way I've always looked at it. I mean, who knows who's out there? I just know that they're out there!"
     The underbelly of society is exactly the opposite of his high society upbringing. He was born into old money in Winnetka, Illinois. His grandfather, George Dern, was governor of Utah, who later went on to become Secretary of War under FDR. 
     His great-uncle was Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Archibald MacLeish.
     When Dern dropped out of the University of Pennsylvania to pursue acting, his family largely disowned him.

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