Sunday, December 22, 2013

American Family Association calls Kwanza a fake holiday; (Pssst. Don't tell the AFA about Christmas)

Bryan Fischer, the historically, ethically and intellectually-challenged American Family Association attack dog, obviously doesn't know, or hopes you don't, that Christ (according to the mythology of the bible) wasn't born anytime near December 25th; that Christ's birth wasn't celebrated at all for 400 years and that the celebration of Christ's birth on the exact day of the winter solstice was a naked attempt to co-opt pagan celebrations by a church which distinguished itself in later centuries by torturing anyone it decided was a heretic and by raping small boys until secular authorities became powerful enough to stop it.
     Fischer's torrents of bullshit are heard in Nebraska on KAYA (Hubbard) and KKNL (Valentine) which hold licenses compelling them, according to FCC regulations, to operate in the public interest.
     Did you know that the FCC has a form for folks to complain about licensees who habitually air unfair or biased broadcasts? It's here?

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