Friday, November 15, 2013

CBS' The Crazy Ones shows car dealers how to sell used vehicles to gay couples

AKSARBENT is still moping at the cancellation of The New Normal, a much better gaycentric sitcom than either Partners (axed by CBS) or Sean Saves the World (so-so, but improving.) However, whenever a door closes, a window opens, and there is plenty of gay winking and nodding on the cleverly-written The Crazy Ones.
     The setup for last night's episode is that Simon Roberts (Robin Williams, in his first TV sitcom in 31 years) is told by gay business partner Gordon Lewis (Brad Garrett, the cop in Everybody Loves Raymond) that they have to get rid of their first account, a used car lot, to avoid a conflict of interest with Ford Motor Company.
     So, after Gordon gives the client the bad news, the agency employees decide to take a field trip to the lot and sell every last car on it to give the client a big retirement sendoff to Boca Raton.

 "The horsepower in this little beaut is higher than Mike Ditka's cholesterol..."

(After realizing the male couple is a couple:) "And you could fit a
mid-century vanity in the hatchback while antiquing!"

It's got responsive steering, a capable chassis, perfect safety scores,
the box seats are on the small side, but we should all have that
problem, am I right?

We weren't thinking about buying two cars
but there's just something about this one...

AKSARBENT would have thought stressing the lack of a cruise control
on a used vehicle would be a gay selling point, or at least a funny line,

Later, Simon to Gordon
: I've always wondered, "Are you
attracted to the tops of guys' heads? Does Timothy go up on you?"
Gordon to Simon: "You see, I would consider that a hate crime, but
I think the real hate crime is what we got going on right [gives Robin
William's outfit a once-over and tries to do a drag queen snap] —
yeah, I can't do it. Timothy is so much better at the read."

Oh, for several examples of how to sell new cars to gay customers: scroll down here.

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