Monday, October 28, 2013

Piers Morgan's puffball interview with Warren Buffett, the so-called 'people's billionaire'

In between getting Buffett to strum a uke CNN bought for him to play and displaying the contents of his wallet, Piers might have found time to ask a serious question or two about recent nasty revelations about the dozens of lawsuits filed against Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries National Indemnity and Resolute Management for wrongfully delaying or denying (in order to boost Berkshire's profits) compensation from asbestos and pollution policies to people dying of cancer.
     Scripps recently reported that in multiple cases, courts and arbitrators have ruled that the Berkshire subsidiaries' tactics have been in "bad faith" or intentional. And it's not just sick victims who are mad: large corporations like Ford, Estee Lauder, and other companies whose commercial policies were bought from or sold to Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries are now suing for reimbursement of fines, legal fees and payments of injury claims.
     Morgan also might have asked why one of the subsidiaries of the 'people's billionaire', Nebraska Furniture Mart, will be, according to the Dallas Morning News, the happy beneficiary of $802,000,000 in financial and tax incentives for building one new store in The Colony, a city of just 20,000, north of Dallas.
     Morgan also might have asked why Berkshire Hathaway recently received an HRC score of zero and whether Warren Buffett is as homophobic as some writers think.

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