Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two scorpions in a bottle: Nebraska Watchdog documents the he-said-she-said between Fire Chief McDonnell and Mayor Stothert

     Now McDonnell is claiming the city went outside the lines of the memorandum of understanding first. When Joe Jordan asked Stothert why she couldn't go back to the original MOU, she first said it had expired, then claimed she didn't know which one the first one was.
     Stothert's tossed word salad: "We're not saying that there was an original MOU right now because the original one expired."
     When Stothert asked the camera "Am I supposed to pick one?" we're not sure if she meant MOUs or the contradictions she made in the same sentence. 
     We would loved to have seen Jordan ask McDonnell and/or Stothert if the three MOUs had the same date. That would have cleared up a lot, assuming Stothert and McDonnell would have given the same answer, which is probably too much to hope for.
     Nebraska Watchdog's interview with McDonnell:

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